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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, or suction lipectomy, is a surgical procedure to sculpt specific areas of the body by removing body fat from underneath the skin. Liposuction can rid you of specific patches of fat, such as saddlebags and love handles, and sculpt areas such as under the chin, upper arms, knees, calves and outer breast area. Liposuction is not intended for weight loss, although many people mistakenly believe it is.

At Genecov Plastic Surgery Group, we have performed countless liposuction procedures for patients in Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in this procedure and would like more information, including average Dallas liposuction costs, please contact our office today.

How is Liposuction Performed?

We use a combination of two liposuction techniques – tumescent liposuction and high-frequency vibratory wand liposuction, which is also known as power-assisted liposuction. The combination of these two techniques allows for more precise liposuction, better results, less bruising, less trauma to the skin, smaller surgical incisions and faster recovery time.

The suction lipectomy procedure begins with the areas to be treated marked prior to surgery. This guides the surgeon in removing excess fat and reshaping the treated areas. Once the areas are marked, you are prepared for surgery, usually undergoing general anesthesia. Each liposuction site will require approximately 30 minutes to treat, so you should expect to be in surgery anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the number of areas to be treated.

As with tumescent liposuction, a numbing fluid is injected into the area to be treated. This fluid also includes medications to reduce bleeding.

The doctor then makes a small incision, roughly 3 mm (or the size of your pinky nail) and inserts the power-assisted reciprocating cannula (suction tube) under the skin to remove the fat. This specialized tool allows the doctor to remove fat more precisely and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding tissues. This tool also allows the doctor to use smaller incisions, thereby minimizing scarring. The small incisions are left open to allow for additional fluid drainage.

After your procedure, a body garment is placed over the treated areas. The garment resembles a girdle, and provides compression to assist in the return of fluids during recovery.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Ideal liposuction candidates are men or women who are in good health and of normal weight who would like to remove specific pockets of body fat that do not respond to diet and exercise alone. You will see better results if you have good skin tone. If you are significantly overweight–more than 50 percent over your ideal body weight–we advise you to follow a weight reduction program prior to treatment. Since all surgery carries the risk of bleeding, patients who smoke should quit prior to undergoing this procedure.

What Kind of Post-Operative Liposuction Care Can I Expect?

Liposuction is typically an outpatient procedure. However, you should expect to be groggy after surgery, and You’ll require a ride home. You may require assistance for the first few days post-op, especially if there are young children in your home. Patients typically schedule about one week off work, or longer if their job requires lifting or heavy physical activity.

You will be sent home wearing the post-op body garment that was put on after surgery. This girdle is worn for the first two to six weeks, depending on your recovery. You should refrain from strenuous activity in the first few weeks following surgery, including aerobic and weight-bearing exercise. Exercise can be restarted between the second and third week after surgery.

We tell all of our liposuction patients in Dallas, Southlake and Plano to expect some bruising and swelling in the treated area, which will subside within the first month, and medications for discomfort will be prescribed during this time as needed.

What are the Typical Results of Liposuction?

You should expect to see final results by the end of the third month after surgery. Those stubborn pockets of fat will disappear, and patients are typically very happy with their new, sleeker body contour. Take a look at our liposuction before and after photos for some examples of what you can expect.

Results are long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy diet and continue to exercise to maintain your weight. If you’re still not sure this procedure is for you, perhaps browsing our liposuction before and after photos will aid in your decision.

What are Dallas Liposuction Costs?

Dallas liposuction costs are dependent upon the area of the body to be treated. We recommend setting up a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our highly skilled surgeons to assess your personal needs. Our friendly staff is eager is to answer any questions you may have about liposuction, as we want you to make the most well-informed decisions possible.

We’re proud to offer liposuction to residents across northern Texas, including Dallas, Southlake and Plano.

Liposuction Before & After Gallery


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At The Genecov Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. David Genecov and Dr. Carlos Raul Barceló offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across North Texas including: Dallas, Southlake, Plano, Richardson, Carrollton, Irving, Garland, Highland Park and University Park, TX. Contact the Genecov Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule your FREE Liposuction Consultation!

Written by Genecov Plastic Surgery September 11, 2013
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