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What is Body Sculpting?

After losing a large amount of weight, most people expect to be happy with their bodies and eager to show off their results. However, you may discover that the excess weight has left your skin stretched. In some cases, you may have many pounds of excess skin, making it difficult to find clothes that fit well, and preventing you from feeling good about your new shape.

Body sculpting procedures include thigh and buttock lifts, full-body lifts and brachioplasty (removal of under-arm skin). These are procedures designed both to contour the body, and to remove excess skin after the body has undergone major change. While patients may experience some weight loss due to skin removal, body sculpting is not meant as a weight-loss tool, but a post-weight-loss solution.

Unfortunately, there is no natural method of minimizing or shrinking this excess skin. The only way to remove it is through surgical body sculpting. At Genecov Plastic Surgery Group, we are proud to offer body sculpting procedures to patients in Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton and elsewhere across north Texas.

How is Body Sculpting Performed?

Body sculpting is performed under general anesthesia, and normally requires an overnight stay in our recovery suite. Some procedures may be combined so healing time is minimized, but some, such as a full-body lift, are not combined with any other procedures.

A thigh lift is performed to remove excess skin around your upper leg and buttocks. An incision is made along the inner fold of the hip to minimize visible scarring. Excess skin is pulled tight and removed, creating a smooth skin surface. This procedure requires around three hours in the OR, depending on the amount of skin removed.

A full-body lift can correct folds and loose, wrinkled skin around the hips and abdomen. An incision is made from hipbone to hipbone around the entire body, allowing for removal of excess skin. Skin is removed and the incision is carefully stitched, leaving a clean, taut skin surface. Surgery generally takes around six hours as this is also combined with abdominal muscle tightening and buttock repositioning.

Brachioplasty involves the removal of extra skin under the arm. This surgery is not always performed post-weight loss, as some patients just naturally have too much loose skin on their arms, either due to genetics or aging. The incision is made under the armpit, where any scarring will not be noticeable. The skin is then re-draped along the arm for a natural, sculpted look. The surgery takes approximately two and a half hours.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Prior to your body sculpting procedure, you should be in overall good health. Smoking and poor health can delay the healing process, making surgery a much more strenuous option. Ideally, patients should have lost all the weight they wish to lose prior to scheduling this procedure.

What Kind of Post-Operative Body Sculpting Care Can I Expect?

Body sculpting procedures, particularly body lifts, can take quite a while to heal fully. We recommend that you take three weeks off work, and full recovery may take four to six weeks.

After the surgery, you will be asked to wear a compression garment around the lifted area to help sculpt the site while it heals. You will want to rest for the first 10-12 days, avoiding any unnecessary activity. For the first month, you should avoid strenuous activities, as this may prolong the healing process.

What are the Typical Results of Body Sculpting?

While surgery cannot create perfection, our body sculpting before and after pictures prove that it can drastically improve your appearance. Our body sculpting patients in Dallas, Richardson and Carrollton truly enjoy the new shape of their smaller, sculpted bodies. And while it takes time to fully heal from surgery, you should see the final results within three months.

If you’re considering a body sculpting procedure, please view our body sculpting before and after photos to help you visualize your results.

What are Dallas Body Sculpting Costs?

Due to the variety of procedures available, Dallas body sculpting prices vary. To learn more about pricing or any other aspect of the surgery, contact our offices today. Our friendly staff members are happy to set up a consultation for you with one of our surgeons, who will discuss your specific goals and desires with you. We are proud to offer body sculpting surgery to patients in Dallas, Southlake, Plano, and elsewhere across the region.

Body Sculpting Before & After Gallery


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Written by Genecov Plastic Surgery September 11, 2013
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