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Belotero® in Dallas, TX

Dallas Belotero® Specialists — Genecov Plastic Surgery Group

Administering Belotero® to Patients in Dallas, Southlake and Plano, TX

What is Belotero®?

Belotero® is a hyaluronic acid dermal injection. This allows it to add volume and plumpness to the face and reduce the appearance of wrinkles while adapting to the natural contours of your face. Belotero® is formulated with natural ingredients that are found in your skin anyway, so it produces some of the most natural results possible.

At Genecov Plastic Surgery Group, our highly trained practitioners have administered countless Belotero® injections in TX. If you’re interested in Belotero® and live in Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton or the surrounding areas, call us today to set up a consultation or to learn more about the procedure.

How is Belotero® Performed?

Like other dermal fillers, Belotero® is injected in the office setting. There is no need for any type of anesthesia. The process takes just a few moments. A small needle is used to inject the hyaluronic acid solution under the skin. This filler will show almost immediate results, which may further improve over time.

Am I a Good Candidate for Belotero®?

Belotero® is a good solution for those who suffer from minor or superficial wrinkles. Good candidates for Belotero® will be in overall good health, have minor lines or wrinkles and will not have shown an allergy to similar products in the past. Patients who are interested can come in for a consultation at Genecov Plastic Surgery and talk to a specialist to find out if this may be the right choice to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What Kind of Post-Operative Belotero® Care Can I Expect?

Most patients find they can immediately resume daily activities. This procedure requires no incisions or bandages. There may be minor side effects such as bruising or swelling in the area of the injections. The doctor will discuss how to minimize these issues and ensure comfort after the injections.

What are the Typical Results of Belotero®?

While the results begin to show up right away, the full effects should appear after about a week. Belotero® is known for having longer-lasting results than other types of injectable fillers. The company behind Belotero® states that results should last for 6 to 12 months. Dr. Genecov will discuss a plan for further injections as needed.

What are Dallas Belotero® Costs?

The costs can vary greatly depending on how large of an area requires treatment as well as how often you need injections. Call us today to set up your personal, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Genecov or Dr. Barcelo, and learn more about how Belotero® can help you and the costs associated with the procedure.

At The Genecov Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. David Genecov and Dr. Carlos Raul Barceló offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across North Texas including: Dallas, Highland Park, Richardson, Carrollton, Irving, Arlington, Garland, Plano, Frisco, Southlake, Grapevine and Fort Worth. Contact the Genecov Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule your FREE Belotero® Consultation!

Written by Genecov Plastic Surgery September 11, 2013
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